CBM’s Constitution




The name of the Beopar Mandal is CHANDIGARH BEOPAR MANDAL with registered Office at SCO- 18, Sector 20-D, Chandigarh (U.T.) and is a non political body.


i) To encourage, promote and maintain unity and cordial relations amongst the traders and Trade Associations of Chandigarh.

ii) To take immediate and united actions to safe guard the interest of traders in the city.

iii) To keep liaison with the Govt. Authorities, Chandigarh Administration, Consumer Forum and other similar bodies for the benefit of Beoparies & other General Public.

iv) To urge suitable legislative and other measures and to promote and procure changes of law and practice affecting directly or indirectly trade or commence of Chandigarh City.

v) To secure representation of Committees and commissions or otherwise to be set-up, to consider questions affecting the interest of trade and commerce in Chandigarh.

vi) To acquire by purchase, taking on lease or otherwise lands and building or all other properties, moveable or immoveable for the Beopar Mandal purpose which the Beopar Mandal thinks fit.


xi) All Traders and Markets Associations, within the territorial jurisdiction of Chandigarh can become members of this Chandigarh Beopar Mandal.
xii) These Trade Associations will be represented in the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal by their officiating President & General Secretary or any other members nominated by executive body of the concerned association.
xiii) Market Association will be given representation in the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal according to the strength of their members as per below: –
Nos. of Member of Nos. of Member to
Application Association be taken in CBM
1-25                 1
26-50               2
51-100             4
101-200           5
201-300           6
301-400           7
401- to Above  8
xiv) Traders Association which are either registered or affiliated to their all India body will be given representation in the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal according to the strength of their members as per below: –
Nos. of Member of Nos. of Member to
Application Association be taken in CBM
1-25                 1
26 to above     2
v) A member who has completed five years or more in CBM without break shall be deemed as permanent member as Prominent Trader.
vi) Admission of a new Associations will be subject to the recommendation of the two of the executive members and the approval of the executive Body.
vii) Any trader of Chandigarh can be made Associate member of CBM. Associated member from each market shall pay fee of Rs. 150/- pa. Such Members shall be non voting members and will not be allowed to attend General Body Meetings.
viii) Membership of CBM is not open to following Market Associations: –
a. Rehri Markets converted into Pacca Booth Markets.
b. Any unauthorized Market in the city.
c. Any parallel Market or Trader Association in the city. Where existing market is already represented in CBM.
d. Any Market Association of villages of U.T.
ix) A Trader must have genuine business address in Chandigarh to remain/ become the member of CBM.

Note: – President or General Secretary of Any Association while applying for CBM Membership does not need recommendation from his Association. Although any other office bearer or Executive Members of any association applying for membership of CBM needs recommendation from President and General Secretary of his Association.

If there is any change in the office bearer of already CBM member Market Association or Trade Association, then on receipt of Membership Application, New Office Bearers will be given Membership and old office bearers names will be deleted if they are less then five old member of CBM.

The Proper record of application will be maintained. The enrollment application should be on the Performa provided by CBM and must have complete list of members.

x) The Trade Associations and prominent Traders will be entitled to the membership of the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal on payment of admission fee amounting Rs. 101.00 or as laid down from time to time by the Executive Body.

xi) Each Trade Association and prominent trader will have to pay Rs. 501.00 annually as subscription or any other amount as decided by the Executive Body, from time to time.

xii) The funds of the Beopar Mandal shall be used for organizing Executive & General Body Meetings and other activities of the Beopar Mandal and for the uplift of Beopar Mandal.

xiii) The funds of the Beopar Mandal shall also be used for seeking redress of grievances of the traders and to help them in solving their problems and also for the benefits of the trade and commerce in Chandigarh.


i) All the members will be entitled to all the benefits from the Beopar Mandal in the times of distress and need and the Beopar Mandal will co-operate with them in their needs and extend them help inside and outside the law courts if the affairs of the members are connected with the Beopar Mandal.

ii) Any member who ceases to be the member of the Beopar Mandal shall remain liable and shall pay to the Mandal all the moneys which at the time of his ceasing to be member payable dues from him as a member of the Beopar Mandal.

iii) If any member does not pay annual subscription in advance, he shall be given seven days notice for such payments and after the due date if he fails to make the payment, the defaulter will cease to be a member and he shall not be allowed to participate in the deliberations of the Beopar Mandal unless he has cleared his dues along with the penalty as decided by the Executive body of the Beopar Mandal and is recovered as fine from him.


The Executive committee of the Beopar Mandal will consists of Chairman, President, Two Patrons, Six Advisors, Sr. Vice President, Six Vice President, Four General Secretaries, Finance Secretary, Five Secretaries, Five Joint Secretaries, & Executive Members totaling to not more than one third of the strength of General Body Members. The strength of the Executive Body can be increased by the chair with the increase of General Body Members. 1/4 of the Ex-member will be changed every time. Only outgoing Chairman & Presidents can become Patron of Beopar Mandal.


He will preside over the Election meeting of the General Body. Chairman will be authorized to supervise the whole of election process.


i) HE will preside over all the meetings of (a) General Body (b) Executive Body (c) Office Bearer.

ii) The President will have the power to incur any expenditure as required from time to time. Power of the President to incur expenditure will be Subject to the limit of Rs. 10000/-. But Rs. 50000/- in case of donation for National calamities.

iii) For the proper conduct of the proceedings, President is empowered with the consent of Majority of Present Members to ask any of the member to maintain the discipline or otherwise to quit the meeting.

iv) The president is authorised to constitute different committees for the proper functioning of Beopar Mandal from time to time.


He will give his advice when ever asked by the Chairman or the President, but Chairman and the President will not be bound by his advice. Advisor will be nominated by the President with the consent of the Executive Body.


i) He will preside over the all the meetings of (a) Executive Body and (b) General Body only in the absence of the President.

ii) While acting as president, he will enjoy all the powers and authority vested in the president.

iii) In case of death or permanent resignation of the President, Sr. Vice President will take over as President if remaining term is less than one year.


i) General Secretary will be authorised to conduct all the correspondence of routine nature independently. However he will be required to take consent of the President on the policy matters.

ii) He will be responsible for recoding the minutes of all the meetings of (a) Executive Body and (b) General Body which he will get approved and signed by the President.

iii) He will maintain an up to date list of members and will supply a copy to the members on demand.


The secretary is primarily meant to help and assist the General Secretary in his multifarious duties. He will enjoy all the authority and power vested in General Secretary in his absence.


He will be responsible for the collection of subscription etc. and maintains of account books of all the receipts and expenditure under the direct general supervision of the General Secretary. He can keep with him Rs. 2000.00 (Two Thousands only) in cash for General Body Expenses, at any one time. He will deposit the rest of the amount in any of the Nationalized Bank by open an account in the name of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal.


i) The annual audit and accounts report shall be prepared by the Finance Secretary of the Beopar Mandal and shall be got certified from a Chartered Accountant so appointed by the Executive Body and the accounts will be presented in the Annual General Body Meeting.

ii) The Mandal will have a legal advisor who will be appointed by the Executive Body.

iii) The Account in the Bank will be operated jointly by the Finance Secretary and any one of the President or the General Secretary.

iv) Any office bearer or Member can inspect books of accounts by giving seven days notice to the Finance Secretary.


i) In ordinary course the Executive Committee will have its meeting once in three months, Office Bearers meeting will be held every one month and General Body meeting every six months and the place for such meeting will be subject to the discretion of the President.

ii) The President shall be chosen by a simple majority of votes in the General Body Meeting. The Chairman will have a casting vote in the case of parity. Office Bearers and the Executive Members will be nominated by the President. President will hold office for not more than two terms of two years each continuously.

iii) Every individual member of General Body shall have one vote.

iv) The office Bearers and members of the Executive Body shall hold office for the period of two years. However this can be altered by general house.

v) Vacancies in the Executive Body during the course of the two years due to any members resigning or permanently leaving will be filled up by nomination by The President.

vi) Subject to the rules of the Beopar Mandal the meeting of the General Members of the Mandal shall be summoned by the General Secretary, with the consent of the President, and in case of an emergency meeting shall be convened by giving notice of 24 hours and in otherwise when requisition to this effect, signed by at least 1/3rd members of the Mandal is received meeting shall be convened within ten days on receipt of such requisition failing which the signatories of the requisition shall have the right to convene the meeting of the members.

vii) At least seven days clear notice shall be given to the members for General Body Meeting specifying the day, date, time, place & object of the meeting. Non receipt of the notice by any member shall not vitiate the proceeding of such meeting. Quorum will be one third of the registered strength of Members.

viii) Quorum for Executive body meeting will be one third of the Executive Members.

ix) An Executive Body member will cease to be the member of Executive Body if he does not attend three meetings of Executive Body continuously without information.

x) Outgoing Chairman and President will remain as members of Executive body of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal for their remaining life if they so desires.


If any office bearer or Executive Member or General Body Member do any thing which is against the interest of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal, such member will be given opportunity to represent his case and if his actions are established to be against the interest and decision of the Beopar Mandal, then he can be dismissed in the General Body Meeting by 2/3rd majority. Quorum of such meeting will be half of the total members. The procedure for giving reasonable opportunity and hearing will be laid down by the Executive Body.


Every Member shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Beopar Mandal. No member shall behave in such a manner, which is pre-judicial to the interest of the Mandal. Every member shall abide by the resolution passed by the Executive Body and General Body.


Code of conduct shall be applicable and maintained by the Beopar Mandal.


The rules and regulations in the provision of this constitution of the Beopar Mandal can be varied or altered in a General Body Meeting with 2/3rd majority of the members of the Mandal Present in the meeting who have voted in favor of such amendments.


The Mandal can be dissolved in the General Body meeting by 2/3 majority of the members present and movable and immovable properties will be distributed equally amongst the members.


Dated: 3.12.2007